History of radar detectors in Europe

History of radar detectors in Europe

The first radar detector was created in 1968 in the USA. The very first police radar detectors were simple devices that detected the signals used by the police radars of the time, initially on the X band and later replaced by the K or Ka band, on which they are measured in our country. However, these devices were inefficient and so their use did not spread much. In the 1980s and 1990s, anti-radar systems for passenger vehicles became more sophisticated and compact. More advanced technology made it possible to filter unwanted signals and detect radar signals at a longer range. In the following years there was further improvement, new technologies enabled the detection of different types of radars, including the more difficult to detect modern 3D radars. Some anti-radar systems have begun to use GPS and online community databases to share information about the location of police radar checks and speed traps.

History of GENEVO

History of GENEVO

The first idea to develop our own detector for the European market was born in 2009. On our travels, we experimented with the first generations of foreign detectors, but due to their setting to foreign radars, they worked here with major gaps that we thought of filling. The idea soon turned into a full-fledged development of our own model, which, thanks to the most modern technologies, would safely help drivers here in Europe. The work began in the spring of 2011. The combination of experienced developers with knowledge in the field of radar detection, visionaries and enthusiasts resulted in the establishment of GENEVO s.r.o. in 2012. and in the launch of our first GENEVO ONE - Radar detector. Today we already sell a number of portable and built-in detectors and have an extensive network of partners not only in the Czech Republic, but also in Europe and overseas.

GENEVO abroad

GENEVO worldwide

Although we are a Czech company, we are also represented in many other countries throughout Europe, you can also find our representatives in the USA, Australia, or New Zealand. Our goal is to have detectors that reliably detect even modern foreign radars and alert you to stationary measurements far from home. That is why we also adjust our GPS database with local partners and testers. It is not only about the GPS database, but also about the cooperation in the development of their software. For example, together with our Spanish distributor we improved MultaRadar detections, which you can read about in detail in our article.


Antiradar devices are divided into portable and built-in installed ones, and the built-in ones are further divided into passive and active. We can call portable radar detectors all as passive.
Types of radar detectors

Radar detector

A passive radar detector works differently than an active anti-radar. Instead of interfering with the emmited signals, it merely detects and alerts the driver to the presence of a radar. These devices work on the principle of the Doppler effect and intercept microwave police radars. Passive radar detectors do not interfere with police speed measurement and are therefore legal in some countries, they only detect and signal the presence of a radar, so the driver can reduce speed and thus avoid a fine for exceeding the speed limit. They are most often found in a portable form, placed on the windshield. A typical example is the GENEVO MAX - our best radar detector. You can find out more about how a radar detector works here.

Co je to antiradar

Active built-in system

An active built-in system also called anti-radar system is an active device that is designed to suppress or jam the laser signal emitted by a police device to measure the speed of vehicles, hence the term "laser jammer". Due to their active intervention in police measurement, their use is not legal. Although the name does not indicate this, the term anti-radar is most often used for devices that are intended to counter laser speed measurement, not radars.

Showcase of built-in radar detectors installations

GENEVO PRO II Radar detector In BMW cars


Radar detector in a BMW 7 series


Radar detector in a BMW X7 series


Radar detector in a BMW 7 series

1. GENEVO PRO II Built-in radar detector in BMW 7 Series - The customer wanted to mount the display in a clearly visible place, he chose this type because of its readable display, which can be easily removed at any time thanks to the magnetic dock.
2. GENEVO PRO II Built-in radar detector in the BMW X7 - The system's removable display is mounted in a lockable compartment for maximum discretion, the customer often travels abroad and wanted a system that can either be easily hidden or deactivated.
3. GENEVO PRO II Built-in radar detector in a BMW 7 Series - This customer came all the way from Romania for installation and wanted a simple built-in radar detector system with a display.

Antiradar GENEVO PRO in Škoda and VW cars


Radar detector in a Volkswagen Passat


Radar detector in a Škoda Superb

Radar detector in a Škoda Superb

1. GENEVO PRO Built-in radar detector in the Volkswagen Passat - At the customer's request, the system display was mounted directly above the alarm clocks, in the driver's field of vision. The customer drives over 30,000 km per year and wanted passive protection against fines.
2. GENEVO PRO Built-in radar detector in the Škoda Superb - The magnetically removable display of the system is mounted above the car's infotainment, the customer is often a traveling sales representative.

For what kind of vehicles are radar detectors suitable?

Almost any! Our most frequent customers are ordinary drivers with completely ordinary cars such as Škoda, VW, etc. Just pay attention to whether your car is equipped with metal coated windshield, which makes the use of a portable detector impossible. For powerful, luxury and sports cars, we recommend considering a built-in system on which we will be happy to prepare an quote for you.

How police speed measurement actually work?

Are police radar detectors legal?

Since passive radar detectors, do not affect or disable the function of police radars, their use is not prohibited in these European countries.

Passive radar detectors are legal in:
  • Czech Republic
  • United Kingdom
  • Ireland
  • Iceland
  • Hungary
  • Slovenia

K čemu je v antiradaru GPS

What is the GPS for in radar detectors?

The valued feature of GENEVO detectors is also a GPS module with a database of currently installed stationary radars, section speed measurements and red light cameras. These devices differ from microwave radars and lasers, they often do not emit any signal that could be otherwise detected, which is why an elaborate database of their location is priceless. Thanks to many years of mapping experience, we have the most sophisticated database on the market.

Depending on the settings, GENEVO alerts you to these stationary speed measurements 250, 350 or 450 meters in advance. And where do we get information about their current and planned location for you?

  • News
  • Social networks and forums
  • Users and customers
  • Our testers from all over Europe
  • Other situational resources

Updates and radar detectors

Radar detector updates

Why is it so important to always have an up-to-date database in your detector?

Road radars and cameras change frequently
As mentioned above in the article, we are constantly monitoring the events on the roads and regularly release a new update of our GPS database every month. Through updates, you will know about all new radars throughout Europe.

Increase the performance of your device
For the maximum level of detection, we continuously improve the built-in software to avoid not only fines but also false alerts from new vehicles.

You get brand new features
Our care does not end with the purchase of a detector. We regularly add completely new functions, simplifications, or perhaps a sound set to your device.

You can learn how to update GENEVO detectors on the update and support page.



GENEVO MAX is our most powerful passive radar detector among portable devices. Thanks to many innovative functions and a completely redesigned laser sensor, together with a GPS database of the entire Europe, nothing will surprise you on the roads. GENEVO MAX offers a top level detections of most radars known in Europe, a market leading false alert filtering and therefore it is safely the best radar detector on the market among portable detectors. Lifetime database and firmware updates are included in the price of the detector.
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GENEVO ONE M is the first and at the same time the smallest radar detector from the GENEVO family, which is capable of detecting previously undetectable MultaRadars and GATSO radars used in some European countries. Thanks to its compact dimensions and simple operation, it is a popular travel companion for European drivers. The detector also comes with free lifetime database updates.
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