One of the key differences between detectors is the ability to detect of MultaRadars and GATSO radars used in Europe, and also, just as important filtration system to avoid possible false alerts.
To detect these types of radars without annoying false alerts is very challenging and only the top-notch category of detectors, can see them in time.
In the table below you will find both a quick summary and after expanding a detailed comparison of individual parameters

GENEVO - Radar Detectors

Intermediate detection level

The middle class of GENEVO portable detectors with higher sensitivity and better filtration, designed for more demanding drivers.

Maximum detection level

The top GENEVO model, with the highest level of sensitivity and features designed for those who are always on the go.
Often Europe-wide travels
(all radar bands)
Daily travels around whole Europe
(all radar bands)
Product reviews
Radar detection in Europe
Regular frequencies
K, Ka-band radars
GATSO and 3D radars detection YES YES
MultaRadar detection YES YES
GPS database
of EU stationary radars and cameras
false alerts resistancy
Advanced technologies
GPS YES YES 5th Gen.
RDD Stealth (invisibility) YES YES
Regular firmware updates YES YES
Controls and display
Multi language menu YES YES
Control by buttons YES YES
Gesture control YES
Display type OLED mono OLED COLOR
Auto brightness YES
Auto volume YES
Data update
GPS database and firmware updates Lifetime free Lifetime free
Updates via PC (Windows) YES YES
Updates via macOS YES
Updates via USB flashdisk YES
Standard windshield mount YES
Hybrid magnetic mount YES
Dimensions (depth x width x height) 90 ◊ 62 ◊ 34 mm 101 ◊ 68 ◊ 33 mm
Price £ 595 £ 749
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More about

Differences in the quality of detection in practice mean that the detector is able to detect the radar sooner (at a greater distance) or later - closer to the radar source - or even does not detect the type of radar at all. With higher detection quality, you, therefore, have more time to adjust the driving speed. Some types of radars are easily detectable. However, modern digital radars like MultaRadar, GATSO or other 3D radars used in Europe are really difficult to detect, their signal is narrowly focused and pulsed, so conventional detectors of lower categories do not detect them. Therefore, if you want to be alerted comfortable in advance or to drive safely around whole Europe, choose one of the GENEVO models in the higher category. Learn how radar detectors work in this article.