Thanks to the shared K and Ka band with many other platforms, it was always a manufacturers headache to work with and filter unwanted radar waves that are present all around us. In some countries, radar detector users experienced difficulties with filtering the K band false alerts, we have focused on this problematics and are proud to inform you, that hard work has paid off and GENEVO developed the most sophisticated antenna and firmware, that successfully passed through our very demanding testing.

KA Band This technology gave us the great opportunity to increase sensitivity of the antennas. At this moment, filters does not have to be set so strictly and the detector can be then, used at its full potential. The result is absolute minimum of unnecessary distractions and maximum drivers protection long ahead.

K Band In the K band we have managed to eliminate practically all the false alarms from ACCís and similar systems and from significant spectrum of various and long-term problematic sources. GENEVO is then, once again, the best filtering anti-radar system in the world.

The newest technology was implemented in all 2018 GENEVO products except the GENEVO ONE and GENEVO ONE ECO.