built-in system

A built-in system, sometimes also called an anti-radar system can be further divided into active or passive devices. The passive built-in system is basically a classic radar detector with a separated radar antenna, that is discretely placed behind the front plastic bumper, its main purpose is to alert on radar-based speed measurement. The typical example is our GENEVO PRO II.

An active system is designed to suppress or jam laser signal emitted by a speed-measuring device based on laser technology, hence the best-known term "laser jammer". Due to their active intervention in police measurement, their use is not legal. Although the name does not indicate this, the term anti-radar is most often used for devices that are intended to counter laser speed measurement, not radars.

Pros and cons of built-in system

+ Passive system is legal in some countries (Including the UK)
+ Completely invisible to human eye
+ Best possible performance thanks to big radar antenna
+ Solves the problem with metal-coated windshields
+ Can be further equipped with laser sensors
- Requires professional installation
- Cannot be easily transferred between vehicles
- Higher price


GENEVO PRO II is the most advanced car radar detector with a magnetic detachable display and cutting-edge signal processing technology that provides reliable radar detections even of the newest 3D radars. It offers extreme detection performance not only for modern cars with metal-coated windshields but for all experienced and demanding drivers. Furthermore, it is equipped with free lifetime updates and smart functions for maximum comfort.
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Portable radar detector

A passive radar detector works differently than an active anti-radar. Instead of interfering with the emmited signals, it merely detects and alerts the driver to the presence of a radar. These devices work on the principle of the Doppler effect and intercept microwave police radars.

Passive radar detectors do not interfere with police speed measurement and are therefore legal in some countries, they only detect and signal the presence of a radar, so the driver can reduce speed and thus avoid a fine for exceeding the speed limit. They are most often found in a portable form, placed on the windshield. A typical example is the GENEVO MAX detector. You can find out more about how a radar detector works here.

Pros and cons of a portable radar detector

+ Legal in some countries (Including the UK)
+ Plug and play - works immediately
+ Compact and practical, can be immediately removed and used in another vehicle
+ Quality protection against most of the speed measurements
- It is located in the cabin and does not work behind metal-coated windshields
- Does not reliably protect against laser measurement
- Attracts thieves and should therefore be removed after parking
- Its use is not legal in some countries


GENEVO MAX is our most powerful passive radar detector among portable devices. Thanks to many innovative functions and a completely redesigned laser sensor, together with a GPS database of the entire Europe, nothing will surprise you on the roads. GENEVO MAX offers a top level detections of most radars known in Europe, a market leading false alert filtering and therefore it is safely the best radar detector on the market among portable detectors. Lifetime database and firmware updates are included in the price of the detector.
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